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Your eligible debts will be GONE!

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  • How much does bankruptcy cost?
    A typical CHAPTER 7 bankruptcy will cost around $1600 in attorney fees. There are also Court Filing fees, Credit Report fees and Credit Counseling fees. While $1600 is the usual fee for a typical case fees can increase for cases with significant debt, pending legal action or other unusual circumstances. Mortensen Law Offices makes every effort to make your bankruptcy affordable.
  • Will I lose my home if I file for bankruptcy?
    I have been practicing bankruptcy law in Tucson for 26 years. I have never had a client lose a home in bankruptcy court unless they have stopped making voluntary mortgage payments. The fact is that with Arizona's new HOMESTEAD exemption it is very difficult to lose a home in bankruptcy. If, after a consultation, I determine that your home will be at risk I will advise my clients against filing. Remember if you want to keep your home continue to make any mortgage / home loan payments directly to the lender. This includes any loans that are secured by your real property.
  • Will I lose my car if I file bankruptcy?
    Most individual filers keep their cars. The Arizona exemptions were just increased to $15,000. This will allow must people to protect a car in bankruptcy court. BEWARE- cars are a loophole area for trustees so it is vital to seek a qualified attorney to analyze your automobile exemption. The Arizona Chapter 7 Trustees are expert at finding ways to circumvent secured transactions to "take" a car for the benefit of creditors.
  • Will I ever repair my credit enough to buy a home or car?
    Most people are very nervous about their credit when they come to file a bankruptcy. When people are consulting with me they will ask if they will ever get credit again. While I make no guarantees I let my clients know that most individuals recover from bankruptcy rather quickly. I have clients who are able to purchase homes and cars within a couple of years of filing. My question to my client is will you EVER get into a home if you do not resolve your outstanding debt problem?
  • Can my employer fire me if I file a bankruptcy?
    In my thousands of Bankruptcy cases in Arizona, I have never witnessed one of my clients be dismissed from employment due to the filing of a bankruptcy. While possible it is highly unlikely that you would lose a job due to bankruptcy filing. Remember bankruptcy is a law embodied in Title 11 of the US Code, i.e. completely legal.
  • Do I have to list all of my debt? There are certain debts I do not want included.
    Sorry - you must list ALL debt. This includes debts that you plan to keep paying like your mortgage and car loan. There are many rules that must be followed when you file bankruptcy. Two of the most common rules are as follows: #1 You must list all of your assets. #2 You must list all of your creditors. PLEASE do not listen to friends who tell you they did not list a debt. If they did not list a creditor then they committed bankruptcy fraud which is a crime.
  • Will I lose my personal property if I file for bankruptcy?
    Most personal property (your stuff) is exempt. This means that you get to keep it when you file bankruptcy. The new exemption for personal property is $15,000. Yes, you can keep your clothes and household furnishings. Talk to Mortensen Law Offices about what property you can keep when you file a bankruptcy in Arizona.
  • How many times can I file bankruptcy?
    Bankruptcies can be filed repeatedly after the legal time frame has been achieved. Talk to a qualified bankruptcy attorney will be able to calculate when you are able to file a second or even a third bankruptcy.
  • Will I go to jail if I file for bankruptcy?
    You have been watching to much TV. No one goes to jail for filing bankruptcy. People go to jail when they commit bankruptcy fraud. If you hire the right attorney and get solid legal counsel you will be fine.
  • Will all of my debt be discharged in the bankruptcy?
    Most debt is discharged in bankruptcy. Certain debts are excepted from the discharge. Certain taxes, student loan debt, alimony, child support, debts incurred through fraud and a few other debts do not go away when you file. It is vital to consult with a qualified attorney who can assess which debts will be discharge.

Contact Mortensen Law Offices before you make any of these mistakes.  We offer a free consultation.  Do not make a bad situation worse by not seeking legal counsel.

Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are in debt and need to file bankruptcy in Southern Arizona then you have reached the best bankruptcy attorney.  Wayne Mortensen and Mortensen Law Offices have multiple offices to assist you if you need to file bankruptcy.  Our Office at 7012 E. Broadway, Tucson  Arizona accepts clients from all of Arizona.  Some of our clients that utilize this office come from Benson, Saint David, Safford, Thatcher, Elgin, Sunsites, Nogales, Sierra Vista and Rio Rico. 

We have another office at 5151 North Oracle Road, Ste 118 in Tucson.  This office serves north Tucson, Oro Valley, Morenci, Eloy, Red Rock and Marana Arizona.  Of course we will help you file a bankruptcy and help you get out of debt.  If you cannot come in for an in person visit we offer Bankruptcy By Phone.  We also have added convenient buttons to this website to allow you start your bankruptcy today and stop all collection calls.  We can assist you if you have a home foreclosure, lawsuit, creditor harassment,  car repossession or tax debt. Recent changes have even made it possible to even get a hardship discharge of student loans when you file a bankruptcy. 

Wayne Mortensen has been a bankruptcy attorney for 25 years and helped thousands of people get out of debt. He can help you file bankruptcy and become debt-free today. Mr Mortensen's experience gives him the upper hand when it comes to dealing with your creditors, the trustees and the bankruptcy court. He understands the rules and he understands the pitfalls that you may encounter when you file bankruptcy. Don't trust your financial future to someone who is brand new to the practice.  There are many attorneys who dabble in bankruptcy and do not have the years of experience that Mr Mortensen has. He will answer ALL of your questions and  address ALL concerns and be able to address ALL issues that you might have.

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Chapter 7 Discharge Guarantee

My firm guarantees that if you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy with our firm you will receive a discharge of all DISCHARGEABLE debt.  Remember not all debt is legally able to be discharged.  If,  for whatever reason, my firm's actions cause you not to receive a discharge we will REFUND 100% of Attorney Fees Paid.

No Court Guarantee

My firm guarantee is that you will never have to appear in front of a bankruptcy judge.  Judges can be a little intimidating.  We take that fear away.  I will attend all court appearances on your behalf.  If for any reason you are required to put on your Sunday best and appear in front of a bankruptcy judge I will refund $200 of your fees paid.  The only meeting that you will be required to attend is the Section 341 meeting of creditors.  This meeting is with your trustee who is not a bankruptcy judge.

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