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Signing a Contract

Save $200

Follow these steps and save $200!

Step One

Download your packet and fill out your form.  Be complete.

Step Two

Gather Documents

- Last 4 Years Taxes

- Last 6 Months Paystubs

Step Three

Call the office for a consultation. See instructions below.

Disclosures About The Discount.  Please Read.

Discounted Bankruptcy Fee | This savings is based on you completing the form (packet) and gathering all required documents prior to our first meeting.  You are saving my time by having these documents ready.  I am happy to save you money.

Required Copies for First Appointment
Please bring copies:

Copies of the last 6 months pay stubs from all jobs

Copies of the last 4 years tax returns (State and Federal)

Thank you for trusting me with your situation. I have helped thousands of people become debt free and I can help you. As you fill out our packet and gather the required documents you can have confidence that you are in good hands. Please take time to read our REAL reviews. My clients biggest regret is not getting out of debt sooner. I look forward to speaking with you in the office and advising you on the important aspects of bankruptcy. See you soon.


Wayne Mortensen

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